SwimWays Pool Toys and Swimming Pool Games


Marco! Polo! Look inside our toy box.
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SwimWays Swim Steps swim training for kids

Swim Training

Help them kick, paddle, and splash in the right direction.
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SwimWays Spring Float Pool Floats

Pool Floats

Chillax. You're on pool time.
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SwimWays Power Swimr Swim Vest

Learn to Swim

Swim training has never been easier! Teach your kids to swim with the SwimWays Swim Steps program.
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SwimWays Spring Float Pool Floats

SwimWays Spring Float

Explore our line of fabric-covered pool floats with patented inner springs.
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About SwimWays®

At SwimWays we take fun to the next level! Our products are designed for water lovers, by water lovers. We offer products for your entire family – even the dog! We want the pool to be where your family and friends can splash, relax and be together. SwimWays provides your water family with pool toys, pool floats, swimming pool games, swim training gear, pool decorations and more.

Some of our more popular items include Spring Float pool floats, Baby Spring Float, Toypedo dive toys, and Swim Steps swim training gear. Find SwimWays products at a retailer near you or in the SwimWays online store.

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