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Winner of the Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award!Wiggle, jiggle, giggle! SwimWays Squidivers are soft and flexible dive toys. Kids have a blast playing with these colorful, silly-looking squid pool toys. Great for every day swimming fun, for practicing underwater dive and retrieve skills during swim training practice, and as a pool party activity. Additional features include:

  • Soft, flexible tentacles that float upright making them easy to grab.
  • 8 fun games that you can play with (see the games below).
  • Three brightly colored Squidivers in every pack.

Ages: 5+

Made in China

Winner of the Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award

Product Instructions

Looking for fun pool party activities? There are a lot of fun games you can play with SquiDivers! With three SquiDivers in each pack, these pool toys also make a great party favors for kids. They can play with them at the party, and take them home for more fun all summer long.

Squidivers are also fun as a learn to swim toy - great for practicing underwater swimming skills through play.

WARNING: Always keep children in sight within quick and easy reach when they are in the water. Do not allow children to play where water is too deep for their swimming ability. Do not throw item at another person. Do not allow dangerous horseplay.

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8 Fun Games You Can Play With SquiDivers

Download a printable game sheet (PDF)

1. Diver Down

Wait in the water while the SquiDivers are dropped into the pool. The aim of this dive game is to get as many SquiDivers as possible - before they hit the bottom. Go one at a time, or work as a team!

2. Open Hunt

For this pool game, wait poolside while someone places the SquiDivers in different parts of the pool. When all the water toys are placed, race against friends and family to get as many SquiDivers as possible. The player that collects the most wins!

3. Color Call

Wait poolside while someone places the SquiDivers pool toys in different parts of the pool. Get a supervising adult to call a color, then players just need to find the called out color and return it to the color caller. The winner is the person who gets the most SquiDivers.

4. Map the Pool

What you need:

  • Snorkel, mask, and fins.
  • This pool game is the most advanced of the eight SquiDivers games.
  • Wait poolside while the SquiDivers are distributed into various parts of the pool.

Players can then swim around the pool to memorize the SquiDiver map and return to the start area. What is the best route to take to retrieve the highest valued SquiDivers? Then just decide on a game format: Number Hunt, Open Hunt, or Color Call.

5. Number Hunt

Similar to our other pool game, Open Hunt, except the value of the SquiDivers is added up to determine the winner. The points are located on the head of each SquiDiver. Orange is 30 points, green is 20 points and yellow is 10 points.

6. Falling Squids

Have a supervising adult throw the SquiDivers in the water. Wait poolside until the dive toys hit the bottom, then dive down to retrieve and return to the pool surface – how many can you catch in one dive?

7. Squid Poker

This game combines a great mix of memory and critical thinking skills and can be played in the water or poolside. Each person has a full set of SquiDivers. The more sets of SquiDivers, the more combination of “hands” can be gathered. Hands are rated from lowest to highest:

  • One pair of same color
  • Two pairs
  • Three of a kind
  • The mix
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind

8. Hide & Seek

Stand poolside with your eyes shut while your friends and family hide the SquiDivers in and around the pool. When they shout “Ready” open your eyes. It’s now up to you to find them all! Where will they be?