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SwimWays Toypedo Dive Toys

No pool is complete without a SwimWays Toypedo dive toy! With it's amazing hydrodynamic design the Original Toypedo can travel underwater up to 30 feet! Just read the reviews and you will see that customers love this pool toy more than any other toy we make. Our fun torpedo shaped pool toys are available in a variety of styles and sizes for kids of all ages. For a new twist on the classic Toypedo design, try the glittery Toypedo Revolution, or the Toypedo Max with it's crazy underwater turns. Toypedo Bandits are just as fun as the original but come in a size perfect for younger kids. With 4 in every pack, Bandits also make great pool party favors for kids. For night time play, try impact-activated Toypedo Lite-Up Bandits.