Swim Sweater

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Swim Sweater

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Swim Sweater 

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Asked for by name, the original SwimWays Swim Sweater helps kids explore the water with confidence! Our swim vest helps your child achieve two important pre-swimming positions: floating upright and leaning forward to paddle.

The stable, circular design rides high on your child's chest for maximum stability, and the heavy-duty rubber inner tube has a no-leak valve (the same kind on a bicycle tire) for security. The fabric cover is soft and colorful and provides 50+ UPF sun protection.

Ages: 2-4 years

Made in China

The Swim Sweater is part of the SwimWays Swim Steps learn to swim program. Swim Step 2 provides support while your child learns to balance and paddle - important pre-swimming skills. See more Step 2 swim vests.

Product Instructions

  1. Inflate using bicycle or hand pump. Tube should be firm but flexible. Never inflate while on the child.
  2. Have your child step into the center of the Swim Sweater.
  3. Carefully lift the Swim Sweater up to your child's shoulders and slip on sleeves, one arm at a time.

Care Instructions:

Care Instructions

Shell: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

WARNING: This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave child unattended while product is in use. Always stay in the pool within arm's reach of child.

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Posted by:Nanci
I originally began using the swim sweater when my oldest was a tot, so almost 30 years ago. Due to the swim sweater, my kids all became very comfortable in the pool and all became great swimmers with great confidence. My sisters used other swim aids for their children and I was always petrified the kids were going to drown! I am so happy swim sweater is still around because we are soon to have grandchildren, and they will certainly have swim sweaters at their disposal. For people who have issues with the item riding up around their childs neck, they have not fit the item correctly, because it can't be too tight to put on and then ride up around the neck. So you have to inflate it fully and yes, it will fit snugly as it should. Great item!
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Posted by:ALENA
Used only once and it sprung a hole. Pretty scary seeing as how this is a device to help children learn to swim. The hole wasn't a slow leak either, it deflated in a matter of seconds. DON'T BUY! ***Response from SwimWays: Hi Alena, we are very sorry to hear about this problem with the swim sweater you purchased. Please call our customer service line and we will assist you: 1-800-889-7946 ext 222. We take any potential product defects with our Swim Steps line seriously, and appreciate your feedback.***
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Posted by:Heather
I got this for my 3 year girl old that is 27 pounds. I thought this would be better because the swim vest did not work and a lift jacket flips her on her back. This ring floats all the up to her head and she cannot keep it level enough to swim safely. I have to hold onto her the whole time which defeats the purpose of the swim sweater. The ring is also difficult to put on and take off because of the tightness and the tube has to be inflated using a pump for a tire. We drove 3 miles to a gas station to fill up the tube when we were using it hotel pool because we did not know to inflate it beforehand. This takes up a lot of room in a vehicle too because it cannot be easily deflated. I would not recommend this for anyone.
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Posted by:Maryann
30 years ago I bought my first swim sweater. I continued buying for our three children, my sisters six children, and now am looking for one for my grandson. I was never crazy about the swimmies, but my children wore the swim sweater until they got all of the swimming fundamentals down which was easy with the range of movement that the swim sweater allows. A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY FAMILY WITH A POOL!!!!
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Posted by:Jennifer
Love love love this product!! This one is the best because it keeps them upright! I buy my 3 kids them every year before the stores sell out and even keep a few extra around for friends
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SwimWays Swim Steps Learn to Swim Program

Learn the Skills of a Lifetime!

Swimways has been helping children learn to swim for over 50 years! The Swim Steps program offers products for all skill levels, from water introduction through swim training tools, making it easy for you to share your love of the water and build confidence in your child.

The Swim Steps program includes:

  1. Swim Step 1: Water Introduction - Helps your baby become comfortable in the water, keeping her supported and balanced.
  2. Swim Step 2: Water Exploration - Gives your child freedom of motion to develop confidence, supporting him as he learns to balance and paddle.
  3. Swim Step 3: Swim Training – SwimWays' graduated swim trainers give you the tools to progress your child's swimming ability at his or her own pace - it's like training wheels for the water!

For more helpful swimming tips visit TeachMeToSwim.com, our website just for parents and caregivers teaching their children how to swim.