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Swim Step 1 Baby Floats

Before they can learn to swim, babies need to first feel comfortable in the water. Our Swim Step 1 baby floaties are designed to help babies (and parents!) relax and enjoy the water introduction experience. SwimWays Baby Spring Floats feature a large circumference, dual inflation chambers, and child safety valves for enhanced security, include play spaces for toys and splashing, comfortable mesh seats, bright engaging colors and characters, and sun canopies (on most models) that provide 50+ UPF sun protection. Before long your child will be ready to explore their watery new world in Swim Step 2 Swim Vest!

We've thought of all the details in our Swim Steps program so you can focus on every little splash and giggle of delight your child makes as they learn to love the water!

For expert advice and swim training tips visit, our website just for parents and caregivers teaching their children how to swim.