Super Swim Noodles

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Super Swim Noodles

Super Swim Noodles 

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It's simply not summer without a pool noodle! SwimWays Super Swim Noodles are soft floating foam noodles that provide additional buoyancy when in the water. Great as a swim training aid, pool toy, extra flotation, and all around pool party fun!

Ages: 5+

Made in USA

Make the most out of your pool noodles with our pool noodle toys and accessories.

Product Information

Dimensions: 55" in length and 3.25" in diameter. (Product size should be considered approximate and may fluctuate up to 2 inches in length from previously mentioned dimensions.)
Colors: Blue, purple, red, green, and yellow. (Assortment of colors may vary.)

WARNING: This is not a life saving device. Do not leave child unattended while product is in use.

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