Stream Shifter

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Stream Shifter

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Stream Shifter 

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Get ready for the ultimate water battle with the SwimWays Stream Shifter! This water blaster lets you control the action by moving the nozzle to change the water stream. Features three different water spray actions in one - stream, jet, and shower.

  • Twist nozzle to change your spray.
  • Powerful blaster shoots up to 30 feet!
  • Built to last.

For the ultimate water battle experience, pair with the Flood Force Water Cannon!

Ages: 5+

Product Instructions

How to use:

  1. Pull back on handle to draw in water from y our pool.
  2. Push handle forward for spray action.
  3. Twist nozzle to change the spray from shower to stream to jet.

WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face. Fill with clean and cold tap water only. Other liquids may be harmful to people and the gun as well.

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