Sea Squirts Swim Assist - Large

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Sea Squirts Swim Assist - Large

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Sea Squirts Swim Assist - Large 

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Swim Step 3 - Swim Training
"Teach me to swim so we can play together!"

SwimWays Sea Squirts Swim Assist vests make learning to swim fun and exciting for kids! Features of our kids swim vest include:

  • Three (3) removable flotation pads for adjustable buoyancy as your child develops swimming confidence and skills.
  • Quality neoprene outer shell and fabric liner for extreme comfort.
  • Heavy-duty zipper.
  • Children love to wear them in-and-out of the water, making learning to swim more fun.
  • Flexible fins naturally fold flat so a child can sit comfortably in a chair.
  • Styles kids actually want to wear.

Sea Squirts swim vests are a fin-tastic way to learn how to swim!

Large size fits children with a chest measurement of 24-26 inches (all pads installed). Also available in Small and Medium.

Made in China

Free shipping in the U.S. on orders $79+

SwimWays Swim Steps Program

SwimWays has been teaching children to swim for over 40 years. While nothing can replace the love and supervision of a parent, the SwimWays Swim Steps program offers products for all skill levels, making it easy for you to share your love of the water and build confidence in your child.

The Swim Steps 3 Level Program includes:

  1. Water Introduction - Helps your baby become comfortable in the water, keeping her supported and balanced.
  2. Water Exploration - Gives your child freedom of motion to develop confidence, supporting him as he learns to balance and paddle.
  3. Swim Training – Empower your child with the Power Swimr and the Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest. The swim training system is like training wheels for the water!

For more helpful swimming tips, visit, our website just for parents and caregivers teaching their children how to swim.

WARNING: This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave child unattended while product is in use. Always stay in the pool within arm's reach of child.

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