Sea Squirts Doggie Swim Vest

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Sea Squirts Doggie Swim Vest

Sea Squirts Doggie Swim Vest 

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Share the water-full experience of swimming with your beloved canine friends! The SwimWays® Sea Squirts® Doggie Swim Vest™ is a fun and functional swim jacket specially designed for dogs. Features of our dog swim vest include:

  • Full-body flotation supports your pet in and around the water.
  • The flexible (and cute!) dorsal fin and handle on the back allow for quick control of your pup.
  • Metal d-ring so you can easily connect a leash.
  • Made of heavy duty fabric.

Boost your dog's confidence and make him the center of attention with our fin-tastic swim aid for dogs!

See details tab for product sizing information.

Made in China

Product Size: To determine the correct size vest for your dog, measure around dog's neck and then the thickest part of the torso for chest size.

Sized for dogs 10 - 20 lbs (4.5 - 9 kg)
Chest size: 17 - 23 in (43 cm - 58 cm)
Neck size: 12 - 15 in (30 cm - 38 cm)

Sized for dogs 20 - 50 lbs (9 - 23 kg)
Chest size: 24 - 30 in (61 – 76 cm)
Neck size: 16 - 19 in (41 – 48 cm)

WARNING: NOT FOR HUMAN USE. This item is ONLY intended for use by domesticated animals. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO USE THIS PRODUCT. This is not a lifesaving device.

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