Exercise Your Right to Float!

Tracy Kunzler portrait

By Tracy Kunzler – Relaxation Expert

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Are You a "Thirsty" Floater? Say
"Cheers" to Spring Float Recliner

Relaxing can be thirsty work. Fortunately, SwimWays understands this and has provided a variety of Spring Float Recliners – all with important cup holders – for this reason. You can relax in good spirits – with good spirits in hand – with this set of recliners. Oh, and you could actually read in these, too, but I’m sure you agree with me reading is secondary to thirst-quenching.

All Spring Float Recliners offer Jet Valve technology for quick inflating and deflating, soothing mesh seats, headrests, ottomans for either soaking or resting your tootsies, and that all-important cup holder!

The original Spring Float Recliner comes in three fun color combinations. There's also a Spring Float Recliner with a removable canopy for UV protection!

If you're an especially long drink of water, right after giving me a call, check out the Spring Float Recliner XL. It's 20% bigger than the original Spring Float Recliner, perfect for those of you who are tall dark and handsome. (Seriously, call me!)

If you're already coupled-up, SwimWays offers the Spring Float Recliner Duet - it has all the features of the original, but for two! Great for lovebirds or gabbing with a girlfriend when you don't want other folks to eavesdrop on what you're saying about them. (The nerve of some people!)