Exercise Your Right to Float!

Tracy Kunzler portrait

By Tracy Kunzler – Relaxation Expert

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Are You a Jet-Setting, On-The-Go Floater?
Spring Float Papasan Goes Where You Go!

Spring Float Papasan

Whether you want to float in your own backyard or in pools and beaches in other counties, states or even countries, this is the float for you. The Spring Float Papasan is an incredibly comfortable and packable float. Featuring Jet Valve technology for quick and easy inflating and deflating, it's small enough to fit inside your carry-on when folded, yet big on comfort when inflated. My favorite feature? The large round shape dwarfs your silhouette, making you look at least a size smaller - a big plus with all those buffets you encounter on vacation.

The Papasan comes with its own carrying case and is available in three fun color combinations: lime/blue, white/blue and red/aqua. The Papasan: don't leave home without it!

Spring Float SunSeat

Are You a Multi-Tasking Floater? Spring Float
SunSeat Lets You Chat, Read, Sip & Supervise!

You're an athletic, high-energy, get-it-done type of person. This type of behavior is foreign to me, but fortunately, SwimWays has a float just for you!

The Spring Float SunSeat features all of the convenience of a Spring Float in a sit-up style, allowing you to do it all: chat, read, drink (thanks to the all-important cup holder!), supervise the kids, and work on your tan.