Exercise Your Right to Float!

Tracy Kunzler portrait

By Tracy Kunzler – Relaxation Expert

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Are You a High-And-Dry Floater? Spring Float SunDry
Lounger Makes Every Pool Day a Good Hair Day

There are times when you want to float while staying dry and maintaining your 'do. Maybe there's a cute cabana boy to flirt with or maybe you want to catch up on your reading. (I recommend a romance novel about cute cabana boys).

At these times, the Spring Float SunDry Lounger is for you. It provides total comfort with full body flotation and is covered in a soft, durable mesh. Patented inner spring technology adds exceptional durability and balance, while Jet Valve technology allows for easy inflating and deflating. This float also twists and folds easily for transport and storage in its on carrying case! Comes in blue, pink, green, and yellow solid colors as well as three fun prints to complement your pedicure: pink hibiscus, green palm and yellow sun!

Spring Float SunDry Lounger
Folding Series
Spring Float SunDry Lounger Prints