Three Poolside Theme Parties The Entire Family Will Enjoy

Tracy Kunzler portrait

By Tracy Kunzler – Relaxation Expert

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Our pools are the centerpieces of entertainment in warmer months. And here's a lucky coincidence: the most popular birthday months (months in which the most birthdays occur) are, respectively, September, August, June, and July. (I guess that means the months of October-January must be the most popular months for a certain type of cold weather entertainment.) So, why not celebrate summer birthdays at the pool?

Following are fun themes for three EASY (This is the "Relax" section after all!) poolside parties that will appeal to those of all ages. These parties are also a great way to celebrate other holidays and occasions occurring over the summer like family reunions, graduations, Father's Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. No need to go to Chuck E. Cheese when you have a pool. Another plus to poolside entertaining? You don't have to worry about cleaning the house.

Happy poolside entertaining!