Poolside Entertaining Essentials

How to Be Ready For L.I.P.P. Service All Season!

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By Tracy Kunzler – Relaxation Expert

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10. Sunscreen

A survey of people (from my own, personal L.I.P.P.s) clearly showed that at least half of all guests forget to BYOB (bring their own bottle) of sunscreen. You'll want to have a variety of sun protection factors (SPFs) available – especially waterproof varieties – for your L.I.P.P.s.

Basket of Towels

11. Basket of Towels

Another poll (of myself) concluded that almost 37% of guests at a pool party will forget a towel, so I like to keep a basket of rolled up beach towels by the back door in warmer months so it's ready to bring poolside in the event of a L.I.P.P. It really comes in handy.

12. Trash and Recycle Bins

Get yourself two cute matching trash cans or bins in fun colors that will stack inside each other for easy storage. Print out two 8.5" x 11" signs: one that reads "Trash" and another that reads "Recycling" in a fun font. Place each in a clear plastic sheet protector from the office supply store. Place trash bags in each bin and use clothespins to attach the signs to the bins you place poolside for guests to use. You'll have the handy set-up for L.I.P.P. service for years to come. If you compost, you can add a "compost" bin to the mix.

13. Changing Screen

One of the latest additions to my L.I.P.P. service is a poolside changing screen. Some may call me cheap, but I prefer the term “resourceful.” I made a changing screen from some tall shutters one of my neighbors was throwing out by spray painting them with a weather-resistant paint and adding hinges. Voilà! No need for folks to run in the house with dripping, wet suits to change! You could do the same with these shutters from Wayfair.com (you'll probably want two sets for four total shutters) or buy a ready-made changing screen. You want to make sure it is weatherproof, though.

Other Things to Have in Your L.I.P.P. Service Cabinet

  • Wine and bottle openers
  • Band-aids
  • A supply of plastic bags for guests to pack wet bathing suits in
  • Drinking straws
  • Drink cozies
  • Extra swim goggles
  • Wet wipes
  • Camera

Happy L.I.P.P. season!