Poolside Entertaining Essentials

How to Be Ready For L.I.P.P. Service All Season!

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By Tracy Kunzler – Relaxation Expert

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8. Diversions For the Younger Set

If you're like me, you love children. You especially love quiet, contented children who are busy doing things other than telling you they're bored. So, be prepared with some fun pool activities. Thankfully, SwimWays offers lots of ways to keep kids happily entertained! Buy pool toys and swimming pool games online or find them in a variety of pool, toy and department stores. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Bubble Ring Blaster

Bubble Ring Blaster
– This cool new toy lets kids launch powerful bubble rings under water. Children dive under the water and squeeze the handles to release air inside the toy and watch huge bubble rings magically appear. The Blaster creates up to 20 bubble rings without the need to resurface! Children will delight in seeing how far their bubble rings can go, and you'll delight seeing how much fun they have!

Message Mirror– LOVE this one. Kids can write secret messages on one side of the mirror and share them underwater, shaking to "erase" the messages. Or, they can make funny faces looking into the mirror.

Zoom Ray – This fun underwater stunt toy glides up to 20 feet when you wind the propeller. The wings can be adjusted for dynamic barrel roll action.

9. Bug Control

Nothing can bug you and your guests more at a party than, well, bugs! Here are some tips for keeping those uninvited guests away.

First, mow all tall grass. Also, be sure to regularly empty anything that collects standing water around your yard (pot saucers, watering cans, etc.) While some species require large quantities of chardonnay, it only takes the tiniest amount of water for mosquitoes to breed. You could even take advantage of the power of Mother Nature’s mosquito-eaters and install a purple martin house or some bat houses in your yard.

You can also apply your favorite insect repellant, but please read labels carefully. I'm leery of applying certain insect repellant concoctions on my skin. One item that seems to be getting good reviews is the Off!® PowerPad® Mosquito Repellant Lamp available at many retailers like Amazon.com, Target and Wal-Mart. It also doubles as a poolside light.

Another effective tip is to use a couple of extension cords to power a few electric fans where guests are gathering – especially near the food - to help keep flies, mosquitoes and "no-see-ums" at bay.

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