Noodle Loops

Noodle Loops

Noodle Loops 

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Use your noodle to create pool noodle rafts with SwimWays Noodle Loops! Features include:

  • Elasticated Noodle Loops fit over most pool noodles.
  • Each pack includes three sets of elastic noodle loops to connect 5 foam noodles (not included).

Ages: 5+

Made in China

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How to make a pool noodle raft with Noodle Loops:

Create your noodle raft using 5 pool noodles (not included) and one package of Noodle Loops:

  1. Lay your noodles next to each other on the ground.
  2. Stretch the noodle loops over the ends of the noodles, working one set into the middle of the noodles, and the other two at the ends.

You can even build an extra large raft using two sets of Noodle Loops and more noodles!

WARNING: To avoid entrapment: Do not jump on noodle structures created by the use of this product. Do not place legs, arms, head, or torso through openings created by loops or noodles. Becoming entrapped in these openings can lead to death by drowning. Adult supervision is required at all times while product is in use.

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