Marquis Foam Pool Float - "Shorts"

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Marquis Foam Pool Float - "Shorts"

Marquis Foam Pool Float - Shorts 

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Manufacturer Special

We made a batch of Marquis pool floats that measured just a few inches smaller than what is required to sell them to our retailers. Rather than throw an otherwise perfectly good pool float in the dumpster, we're offering them directly to you at a fraction of the price.

Features include:

  • A high-quality closed-cell foam float that can be used in salt water and chlorine pools.

  • Made of Aqua Cell foam, this float resists chipping and peeling and will not absorb water.

  • The rich blue color permeates the entire float, not just the surface, so your float always looks great.

  • Dimensions are 62 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 1 inch thick.

Marquis "shorts" are packaged in a plain white box and are shipped separately from our manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

Get them while they last!

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