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We know teaching your child to swim can be intimidating – and a little confusing, too. So, let’s take the first stroke in the right direction by gathering the best information. Our website TeachMeToSwim.com is available 24-7 to help support you and your child's learn to swim journey. Read below for more information about our Swim Steps swim training program.

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Learn to Love the Water with Swim Steps

Watch the SwimWays Swim Steps introduction video featuring water safety expert Mario Vittone.


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 !

Babies and children may look like they’re simply splashing about in the water – but these are important swimming milestones for parents to recognize and encourage. We call them Swim Steps - an entire program created to help build solid swimming skills right from the very beginning.

Mario Vittone is a retired U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer and nationally recognized expert on water safety.

Staying Safe on Your Boat

8 Tips for a Safer Boat Trip

By Mario Vittone - Water Safety Expert

"As a veteran helicopter rescue swimmer and then an investigator for the United States Coast Guard, I’ve seen a lot of boating trips gone wrong. Accidents are accidents, but after twenty years on the job, I noticed that most of the things that get boaters into trouble are easy to avoid. ... "

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