Swim Step 3

Teach me to swim so we can play together!

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After months of bobbing and splashing and dog-paddling in the water, it finally happens. She's swimming. Really and truly swimming. And you've never been more proud.

It doesn't happen all at once. It's a process. So our Swim Step 3 products work like training wheels for the water – with graduated floatation devices like our Power Swimr Swim Trainers or our Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vests. By helping your child make progress at her own pace, you're setting her up for success. By creating swimming aids that kids really want to use, SwimWays makes learning to swim even more fun.

Related Article: The Use of Flotation Aids in Swim Lessons

By Mario Vittone - Water Safety Expert

"Flotation in swimming lessons is primarily used to assist swimmers, even adult athletes, in maintaining a proper body position suitable for the task being learned. Noodles and floating barbells are used to support the upper body so students can focus on leg and hip movements. I can remember the laps my coach made me do with a float between my knees so I could do “arm-only drills” with my legs in proper position. Devices like the Power Swimr are used by swim coaches to provide varying levels of support and help young swimmers achieve the correct body position
and develop quality leg and arm mechanics."

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