Swim Step 2

I'm ready to paddle and splash!

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What happens when I kick my feet in the water? Or clap my hands on the surface? Can I blow bubbles? And am I really brave enough to leap into my mama’s waiting arms?

You already know that toddlers and preschoolers love their independence. That's why our Swim Step 2 products are designed to work with your child's natural desire to explore, with swimming aids that let them learn how to balance and paddle with help from mom and dad. Swim training gear like our Swim Vests, Swim Sweaters, and Swim Shorties are the perfect way to teach pre-swimming skills – from paddling and floating, to kicking and splashing. It's all about building confidence in the water.

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Apprehension of Water

By Mario Vittone - Water Safety Expert

"To become a swimmer your child has to first want to be in the water. Some children develop apprehension towards swimming that can stop their progress. To overcome this apprehension, you have to understand why it may be there in the first place, and then work to develop trust with your child where water is involved."

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