Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy
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It's my first time in the pool!

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He's loved bath time since he was a little guy. But this big blue swimming pool? It looks like an ocean. As a parent you can make him feel a lot more comfortable by helping him explore the watery world safely – no matter how old he is.

Parents love our baby floats because they promote water safety with wide bases, smart inflation technology and sturdy mesh seats. Babies and toddlers love our floats because they feature bright colors and play spaces where they can get friendly with the water. Add integrated baby pool toys and a sun canopy (on most items) to protect your sweet baby's delicate skin, and you've got a smart way to make water wonderful.

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By Mario Vittone - Water Safety Expert

"Today I’m as confident when swimming as I am when walking down the street. Of all the goals we have for our children that has to be one of them. Being able to swim makes our children safer, it makes their lives more fun, and opens them up to sports and activities that are not practical for non-swimmers. With so many different ideas out there on how to build that confidence and ability, parents should keep in mind the following ..."

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