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Re-discover the joys of being outside with SwimWays kids pool games.

In today's wired world it can be hard to get kids outside to play. Thankfully you have SwimWays to provide pool games for kids that are not only fun, they'll get your kids - and you - moving!

Our Poolside Basketball, Poolside Volleyball, and 2-in-1 Game sets are great for pools with a deck. Kids of all ages will have fun getting in on the action!

For families with above-ground pools, the COOP Hydro Spring Jam with an inflatable floating hoop is an excellent choice. This game set is ultra-portable too - toss it in the car or the suitcase for a fun pool pick-up game any time.

Have an aspiring skateboarder in the family? They'll love practicing their moves underwater with the COOP Hydro Subskate