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Kick fun into overdrive with SwimWays Hydrovers toy monster trucks built for land AND sea action. The awesome all-wheel action of these battery-powered toy trucks give outstanding water play in pools, ponds and puddles - Hydrovers go just about everywhere! The motor propels the truck through the water leaving an awesome splash trail behind. So what are you waiting for? Power up Hydrovers!

  • Use in the water as a pool toy or on land.
  • All-wheel battery-powered action.
  • Choose from four brightly-colored styles with cool graphics.
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

Ages 5+

Made in China

Product Instructions:

  • Activate Hydrovers by pressing the button located just below the battery box.
  • Submerge Hydrovers in the water and allow body to fill with water. Once filled, the truck will balance itself.

Product Care / Do's and Don'ts:

  • This is a water toy.
  • This is NOT for small infants.
  • Do not drop your item onto the ground or throw it into the water.
  • Do not leave product in the sun or water between use.
  • Do not use in salt water.
  • Battery Replacement Instructions:

    1. To open battery cover, use Phillips screwdriver to loosen the 2 screws.
    2. Place 2-AA batteries as shown in bottom of battery box.
    3. Make sure gasket is in position.
    4. Replace cover & secure with screws.

    Battery Warning:

    1. Only adults should install and replace batteries.
    2. Do not mix old and new batteries.
    3. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
    4. For longer battery life, wipe batteries dry after playing.

    WARNING: Item can travel into deep water. Always keep children in sight within quick and easy reach when they are in the water. Do not allow children to play where water is too deep for their swimming ability.

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