Hydro Force Shooter

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Hydro Force Shooter

Hydro Force Shooter 

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Soak everyone silly at your next pool party! The Hydro Force Shooter from SwimWays blasts up to 40 feet, so you're guaranteed to drench even your quickest opponent. This water blaster is easy to reload, too. Simply dunk the nozzle in the water and draw H2O ammo directly from the pool. Become the water fight master with this formidable pool shooter!

Ages: 5+

Complete your backyard arsenal with more SwimWays Flood Force water soakers!

WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face. Fill with clean, cool water only.

Colors and decorations may vary.

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Don't let this simple looking pool shooter fool you - it packs a wallop of water inside, sending an intense stream of water across the pool or yard. We've seen customers without pools set up a backyard battle course with buckets of water stashed around the yard so players can "re-load" their Hydro Force Shooters. Make some targets out of old cardboard boxes and the kids will have fun for hours without breaking the bank on expensive water shooters.

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