Disney Finding Dory Pool Shooter

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Disney Finding Dory Pool Shooter

Disney Finding Dory Pool Shooter 

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Get ready for wacky, water-full fun and a good soaking with the Disney Finding Dory Pool Shooter from SwimWays!

This adorable character toy is a liquid launcher in disguise. Flexible tubes inside Hank's tentacles send water in all directions - who will get wet next?!

To use this crazy water shooter, dip Hank's head underwater and draw back the pump handle to fill the water reservoir. When done, lift above the water and push up the handle to squirt.

Fun for playing in the pool, or take it to the backyard and use with our Disney Finding Dory Splash Pool.

Ages: 3+.

Made in China

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Dory and Nemo are back for more adventures this summer with the premiere of Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo! We wrapped Hank around one of our popular pool shooters so kids could bring their favorite character to the pool.

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