Disney and MARVELHover Ball Sprinkler

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Disney and MARVELHover Ball Sprinkler

Disney and Marvel Hover Ball Sprinkler 

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Hours of magical fun awaits with the Disney and MARVEL Hover Ball Sprinkler from SwimWays! Just inflate the beach ball, connect a garden hose to the sprinkler, and it's ready for wet and wild water play! Watch the characters as they continuously hover and twirl in the sprinkler waterfall. This fun and engaging sprinkler toy is perfect for keeping cool in the backyard on those hot summer days.

  • Creates a cascade of water fun!
  • Inflatable beach ball included for use with the sprinkler and other play.
  • Easy set-up and sturdy construction.

Ages: 3+

Made in China

Garden hose not included.

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Product Instructions

  1. Attach standard garden hose to Hover Ball Sprinkler hose fitting.
  2. Inflate air chamber on beach ball.
  3. Turn on water to garden hose, place beach ball in water stream and let the fun begin!

Beach Ball Inflation

  1. Remove valve cap at air chamber and pull out stem to open.
  2. Pinch at the base of the valve while inflating chamber.
  3. Immediately cover valve opening and press down firmly.
  4. Replace valve cap.

WARNING: Do not leave child unattended while product is in use. Place on level ground. Do not set up or use on concrete, asphalt, or any other hard surfaces. Be certain that immediate and surrounding area is free of debris and objects in case of a fall. Do not set up near fences, garages, houses, overhanging branches, laundry lines, electrical wires, or other stationary objects. Only use with common household water hose.

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