COOP Hydro Subskate

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COOP Hydro Subskate

COOP Hydro SubskateĀ 

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Turn your pool into a skateboarding park with the COOP Hydro Subskate underwater skateboard! Great for experienced swimmers and for those just starting out, stand on the board under water and improve balance and lower body strength, or perform awesome underwater tricks. Boards feature awesome colors and graphics popular with surfers and skaters.

Ages: 8+

Made in China

WARNINGWARNING: This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave child unattended while product is in use. Always keep children in sight within quick and easy reach when they are in the water. Do not allow children to play where water is too deep for their swimming ability. Do not attempt to stand on Subskateā„¢ from the side of the pool. Only use while in the water. Do not allow dangerous horseplay.

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