Bubble Ring Blaster

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Bubble Ring Blaster

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Bubble Ring Blaster 

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Discover a whole new world of underwater fun with the SwimWays Bubble Ring Blaster swimming pool toy! This scientifically advanced pool toy allows kids to create and project underwater bubble rings. How big can they get? How far will they travel? How many can you make with each trip underwater? Explore, experiment, play!

Watch the video below to see the Bubble Ring Blaster in action!

Ages: 5+

Made in China

Product Instructions

  1. Capture air above water and slowly submerge yourself and the Blaster, aiming the Blaster straight out in front of you so that bubble rings will be projected parallel to pool floor.
  2. Squeeze the side handles to release a bubble ring – one at a time. Tip: While you are squeezing the handles, smoothly and abruptly push the Blaster forward underwater. This helps to form and release a bubble ring.
  3. As long as there is air in the reservoir (and you can hold your breath), you can continue releasing bubble rings underwater. You will get multiple attempts to launch the bubble rings with each reservoir-full of air.

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