Battle Reef Shark

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Battle Reef Shark

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Battle Reef Shark 

Price: $14.99 
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Better watch out! Our tough looking sharks are the terrors of the deep end. Features of the SwimWays® Battle Reef™ swimming shark pool toys include:

  • High-speed swimming action.
  • Two aggressive designs with menacing jaws and teeth.

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Ages: 5+

Made in China

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Product Instructions:

  • To activate the toy, press the button located on the side of the shark.
  • Submerge the shark in water and allow the body to fill with water. Once filled, the shark will balance itself.

Product Care:

  • Do not drop your item onto the ground or throw it into the water.
  • Do not leave product in the sun or water between uses.
  • Batteries, battery compartment and item should be completely dry when changing batteries.

Battery Information:

  1. Only adults should install and replace batteries.
  2. Do not mix old and new batteries.
  3. Dot not mix Alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
  4. For longer battery life, wipe batteries dry after playing.

WARNING: Item can travel into deep water. Always keep children in sight within quick and easy reach when they are in the water. Do not allow children to play where water is too deep for their swimming ability.

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Rainbow Reef pool toys are recommended by our water safety expert, Mario Vittone, as a great way to build confidence in young swimmers through play. Read his article, Pool Toys for Water Confidence.

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